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 Sarabeth & Alex Lewis


Don't let bad copy actively work against you.

What our clients say:


"Good news: You're amazing and everyone knows it. Both of y'all are so communicative and thoughtful, and it's just been a really nice experienceThank you so much — I feel like I struck gold hiring y'all."

-Ilona Abramova, Head of Content at AppSumo

Words you'll love — results you'll love more


Customers want to see themselves reflected in your website and marketing collateral. We interview them to capture their exact language — using their words to write your copy.


Sarabeth is a UX  designer

 specialized in copywriting. This means she is an advocate for users — making sure the words on the page help users easily accomplish their intended goals on your site.



We rely on sales and direct response copywriting formulas, trust signals, and other tactics to build a narrative on your site that drives more visitors to take action.

Hi! We're Alex & Sarabeth 

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Picture of writing

Conversion-focused software copywriter &

UX writer based in Austin, Texas

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(That's us!)

Trusted by dozens of software & tech companies

SaaS Copywriting Clients

Quickly get powerful ideas for your messaging

✌️Two copywriters, one focused mission

You’ll work directly with the masterminds behind this operation, Alexander and Sarabeth Lewis. When you work with us, you are hiring our full creative attention — not to mention our years of copywriting and UX expertise.

🔮 No magic, just good old-fashioned research

We never write your copy from a blank page. We spend hours interviewing your customers and team — and mining reviews online — so that we have powerful copy just ready to edit and structure into place.


📈 Specialized in B2B SaaS

We write about technical products every week and have learned shortcuts to finding simple ways to eliminate jargon and write like your customers. We’ve sharpened our skills through years writing for top B2B SaaS companies.


🏗 Structured for modern SaaS websites

All copywriting is delivered wireframed in Google docs with suggestions for the finalized visual design. Designers love us because we structure our copy to easily convey the vision for how every word should be structured on the page. Designers just copy-paste, and you immediately catch a vision for the end product.

Find the brand voice confidence you've been looking for.

Alex & Sarabeth

✔  Written using the language your top

customers use to talk about your product

✔ Experience working with dozens of top B2B SaaS companies

✔ Influenced by UX design and proven copywriting formulas 

✔ Delivered on time, every time

✔ Mission: to improve your online conversions

Most copywriters

✖ Has a couple SaaS samples, but pretty much takes any project available

✖ Influenced by a college English class

✖ Written from the head of the copywriter

​✖ Delivered some time two months from now
✖ Mission: to “wordsmith” your website

How can we help your SaaS sound more... you?

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