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Need a skilled freelance UX copywriter?

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Every product has a voice and tone. Does yours resonate with your target audience?  

Establishing a consistent, user-centric brand voice is key to optimizing copy across your funnel—and product.

Maybe you need to find product/marketing fit...

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I collaborate with designers and PMs to write, edit, test, and improve in-product copy. Let's give your microcopy the thought and care it deserves.

Hi! I'm Sarabeth Lewis, freelance

Content Designer + UX Writer

Trusted by dozens of SaaS & tech companies

SaaS Copywriting Clients

As a UX researcher with the brain of a copywriter, Sarabeth can help your team:

 Conduct in-depth user interviews and craft interview discussion guides

 Affinity map with user research to build your key user personas

 Build a style guide to form a foundation for your messaging across verticals

 Write conversion-optimized website and landing page copy
 Optimize your in-app microcopy to reduce user friction

Find your product brand voice


Set your product apart with a UX copywriter


Take control of your voice & tone—and give your team an easy style guide to use.

Clarify your brand voice

UX writing

Convert more online visitors

Website & landing page copy

Replace jargon with  conversion web copy consistent with your brand's new and improved voice & tone.

Most popular

Clarify your brand voice

UX writing

Build a  style guide to give your product a personality your users will love.


Clarify your value proposition to connect with your target audience.

Get more qualified leads

Reduce in-app friction


Give your in-app microcopy the care and focus that your customers deserve.


Optimize every line of microcopy to make your product a delight to use.

Get a UX-trained SaaS copywriter 

 on your team.

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