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As full-time professional copywriters, we give you the focus and value of thousands of hours of experience working with SaaS companies famous for their copy. Just to be upfront, if affordability is your biggest driver, we aren’t a good match.

But if you're still reading, here's where things get interesting: When you hire us, you’re not getting one freelancer writing in isolation—you're getting a pair of writers trained in UX and conversion copywriting with a track record of getting results for top teams in SaaS, eCommerce, fintech, and emerging technologies.


Curious? Read on.

All too often, SaaS marketing teams struggle to address customer misconceptions, high bounce rates, & leads that keep slipping through the cracks...


Maybe you start to wonder...

Is it the copy?

Powerful copywriting — the kind you need to convert leads to customers to active promoters 

isn't just about finding the right words.


Crafting good copy takes:

✓ Using customer language to mirror real desires and pain points

Applying science-backed copy formulas that are proven to convert 

Creating resources that make customers feel smart and understood

✓ Understanding the psychology of a purchase

✓ Consistency, a clear brand voice, meticulous editing...

But when you're super close to your product,

writing great copy can feel next to impossible.


(We know cause it was super hard to write this...)

Don't let your most important SaaS marketing assets be left to afterthought.

Getting an experienced outsider's perspective on your SaaS copy can be insightful, fueling new and exciting ways of articulating —and selling — your SaaS that can be used across your entire company.


For some strange reason, our brains thrive on finding just the right language to convert people to buy B2B software. We love it.

Get the relief of finding the right copywriting partner to take projects off your marketing to-do list—and ultimately boost to your bottom line.

What our clients say:

"Thanks to her work, we have now doubled the number of customers, thus doubling our income. But this is only the beginning, as more customers will be subscribing later on as a direct impact of the communication campaign.


Thanks a lot, Sarabeth and Lewis Commercial Writing!"


-Dídac Alvarado Carbajo, Rental Ninja

How We Work 

Make it easy for site visitors to take the action that you want them to take.

Refine your SaaS brand voice & tone — and take control of your narrative.

Clarify your brand voice

UX writing

  • Establish brand vision, mission, voice & tone 

  • Create a brand style guide to inform all copy & content

  • Foster consistency across your entire brand

Convert website visitors

Website copy

  • Replace jargon with narrative-driven conversion copy

  • Use real customer language to invoke empathy 

  • Apply time-tested copywriting formulas that draw readers in

Most popular

We handle the whole lead magnet campaign, from strategy to creation.

Get more qualified leads

Lead magnet campaigns

  • Turnkey lead magnet creation: research, writing, & design

  • Use conversion copy across landing pages & popups

  • Stay in touch with leads with enticing email follow-ups

Process & Goals


UX writing & SaaS brand copywriting

Find your product/marketing fit

As a freelance UX writer and SaaS brand copywriter, I build style guides that give your team a foundation for your brand's personality and mission. My goal is to nail product/marketing fit so your team can write confidently to promote product lovability. 


As a trained UX designer, my job as a UX writer is to write clear microcopy that helps users easily complete the task at hand. According to Intercom, the best mobile apps use between 30-40% of their screen space to show text. That's potentially a huge portion of your product that might be left to afterthought—created by developers or designers without experience in marketing, writing, or content design. 


Options include:

  • Style guides — including mission statement, vision statement, taglines, brand voice, messaging hierarchies, tone hierarchies, and other specialized internal brand collateral included in a style guide (such as a letter from the CEO or instructions for content localization, etc.)

  • In-app product microcopy — including navigational copy, blank states, error messages, in-app onboarding, confirmation screens, CTAs & buttons, user-visible metadata (page titles and search engine descriptions), transactional emails, in-app user assistance, chatbots, content testing

Range: $3,000+

Next steps

What our clients say:

“Sarabeth is a professional and skilled writer. Pleasant to work with and very helpful to our project. Would not hesitate to hire again for more UX / UI writing projects.”

- Anton Doos, Founder & Developer


Conversion-optimized SaaS website copy

Turn site visitors into paying customers

The best SaaS websites do more than just list features and benefits. The copy follows a clear logical narrative that guides site visitors toward a desired action.  

According to Nielsen, your website has less than 10 seconds to make a good first impression. Those seconds are your opportunity to make sales, increase leads, and build authority in the mind of your ideal customer. As conversion-focused SaaS copywriters, we use customer language and time-tested persuasive advertising formulas to move site visitors through your sales funnel, all while aligning with your brand voice and tone.

The full process: 

  • Kickoff call to discuss the 30,000ft view: website goals, your audience, most common misconceptions that potential customers have about your product

  • Review mining to collect real pain points and customer language 

  • Conduct competitor and SEO research 

  • Write 5 pages of customer-focused conversion-optimized website copy 

  • Active, clear H1, H2s, H3s + body copy highlighting features and benefits

  • Finally, we deliver the your web copy in a Google doc and jump on a call to explain our design choices

  • Get up to two rounds of revisions to make sure you're thrilled with the results

Range: $7,000-$10,000  |  Timeline: 3-6 weeks  

Next steps

What you can expect:

✓ Customer-centric messaging 

✓ Conversion copy to boost sales 

✓ Informed marketing expertise 

✓ The combined skill of two experienced  SaaS copywriters 


Irresistible lead magnets 

Turn visitors into leads and leads into customers 

According to Ring Lead, 85% of B2B marketers say lead gen is their top content marketing goal. Evergreen lead magnets like whitepapers, case studies, ebooks, checklists, templates, and email courses help you build authority while collecting contact information from qualified leads. 


The key to getting the most out of a lead magnet is optimizing the marketing language around it. The persuasiveness of your landing page is just as important as the quality and thoroughness of your content. That's why we help you write copy for the lead magnet and all marketing collateral around it: landing pages, popups, automated emails, and of course, the lead magnet itself.

The full process:

  • Kickoff call to discuss lead magnet topic, goals, and audience

  • Information-gathering, stakeholder & customer interviews (as needed)

  • 500-5,000 words (depending on the type of doc)

  • Full professional design

  • (Addition) Write copy for landing page, popups, and automated emails

  • Up to two rounds of revisions 


Full, done-for-you lead magnet campaigns: Start at $3,000 |  Timeline: 2-4 weeks


  • Case Study Range: $1,000-$1,450  |  Timeline: 2-3 weeks  

  • Whitepaper Range: $5,000-$6,000  |  Timeline: 2-4 weeks

  • Other lead magnets?  Ask us

Next steps


Very happy with Alex's work and the results. We needed some web content made for our website on top of having some technical paperwork written up and he produced exactly what was needed in a very reasonable time period.

- Cryptocurrency whitepaper client


Executive Ghostwriting

Grow your personal brand, show social proof, and publish thought leadership—with ghostwriting and media pitching. Alex has helped entrepreneurs appear in Forbes, Entrepreneur, Yahoo! Finance, Bloomberg, The Dallas Morning News, and APM Digest.

Our ghostwritten articles have been read by hundreds of thousands of readers.


What you get:

  • Ghostwriting — Put your favorite stories, experiences, and ideas into writing. Through interviews with you, with careful attention to your personal voice, I’ll draft articles or a book that you’re proud to put your name behind. All ghostwriting projects are, of course, anonymous.

  • Media pitching — Get published in your favorite blogs and magazines. Through a mix of ghostwriting and media pitching, we’ve helped clients appear in some of the most reputable tech and business publications in the U.S. Build social proof, get featured in front of large audiences, and build backlinks to your site. 


Thought leadership article: $1,000 - $2,000  | Timeline: 2-4 weeks  

Nonfiction business book: $27,000 - $35,000  | Timeline: 5-6 months  

Media relations retainer: $750 - $3,500 per month  

Next steps


Connect with Alex on a discovery call with us to discuss your ghostwriting needs.

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Lewis Commercial Writing is a full-service SaaS copywriting & UX writing duo providing B2B conversion copywriting based in Austin, Texas.