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Full-service LinkedIn and article ghostwriting

Tell your professional story. Distill your ideas into clear prose. Partner with a professional ghostwriter.

Meet your ghostwriter

I'm Alexander Lewis, a freelance ghostwriter working primarily with tech entrepreneurs and executives.


It's not easy to make your work stand out today. But I believe a great story, told with clarity and narrative flair, is one of the best ways to capture the attention of investors, clients, and top talent. 

As your ghostwriter, I'll help you shape a compelling narrative and find the right words to bring your ideas and story to life. 


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Read my writing samples

Dear Swifties: Ticketmaster Doesn't Care That You Hate Them (Adweek)

an op-ed about the Ticketmaster vs. Swifties story from 2022

Michael Lewis (Once Again) Tells the Biggest Story in Finance (Jane Friedman's blog)

reflecting on author Michael Lewis' ability to source great stories

Avoiding Technical Jargon When Writing About a Product (Built In, a "must-read" article of the year)

a fresh way to look at writing clear and engaging technical copy

Your Content's Great, Now What? How to Create a Powerful Content Distribution Strategy (Foundr)

tactics for promoting your articles online

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