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Full-service executive ghostwriting & brand strategy

Tell your story with the clarity and impact of a professional writer.

Become a leading voice in your industry

Modern executives are marketers. Your story has the power to raise investment funding, attract top talent, and draw media attention to your product.

I'll help you find your voice and publish on autopilot.

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Never face the blank page alone

Great writing takes time. Partner with a ghostwriter to uncover and distill your best ideas into clear, actionable insights.

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I've written 1,000+ articles over the years, covering technical topics like real estate investing, artificial intelligence, logistics, and M&A.

Media pitching


Through media research and pitching, I've helped clients appear in PBS Newshour, Entrepreneur, and many popular industry magazines and blogs.

Brand strategy


What's your goal in pursuing a ghostwriter? I'll help you define a media and publishing strategy so you achieve your professional goals.

Lead with your story

Earned media for my clients

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Let's see if there's a fit. Book a zero-obligation strategy call to discuss your goals.

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