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B2B Marketing Portfolio

55K monthly Google visits

In 2021, I was tasked with helping a cybersecurity company improve its discoverability on Google. I write monthly articles for the company, with dozens of articles ranking in the top 1-3 spots on Google. My top 5 articles alone bring in more than 55,000 monthly site visitors. 

Read the case study.


5,000+ ebook downloads

AppSumo commissioned me to write an ebook that highlighted the blogging career of author James Clear. After researching the topic, I told Clear's story in a style that is both engaging and actionable for aspiring bloggers. The ebook has been download more than 5,000 times and has received all 5-star reviews. 

See the ebook on AppSumo.


Story-driven case studies

Anatta works on longer engagement cycles than most agencies. Their team wanted to showcase the impressive work they'd performed for their DTC clients. I interviewed dozens of Anatta clients (at companies like Rothy's, Athletic Greens, and Four Sigmatic) and captured their shared stories of success in a timeline format that brings Anatta's unique long-term value to life on the page. 

View the case study series on Anatta's website.


Copywriting samples

Browse some of our past work below. Like what you see? We'd love to help on your next project.

To inquire about website copywriting, ebooks, and white papers, send an email to:

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Article samples

Dear Swifties: Ticketmaster Doesn't Care That You Hate Them (Adweek)

an op-ed about the Ticketmaster vs. Swifties story from 2022

Avoiding Technical Jargon When Writing About a Product (Built In, a "must-read" article of the year)

a fresh way to look at writing clear and engaging technical copy

Your Content's Great, Now What? How to Create a Powerful Content Distribution Strategy (Foundr)

tactics for promoting your writing

An Entrepreneur’s Last Attempt at Regaining Productivity: Ditching Social Media in 2021 (The Next Web)

my decision to step away from social media for a year

How to Make a Living Writing Case Studies and White Papers (The Write Life)

ideas and instruction for aspiring business writers

Magnifying the Massive Growth of B2B Marketplaces (G2)

a deep dive into the industry of B2B marketplaces

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