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Your Content's Great, Now What? How to Create a Powerful Content Distribution Strategy (Foundr)

tactics for promoting your writing


Avoiding Technical Jargon When Writing About a Product (Built In, a "must-read" article of the year)

a fresh way to look at writing clear and engaging technical copy

An Entrepreneur’s Last Attempt at Regaining Productivity: Ditching Social Media in 2021 (The Next Web)

my decision to step away from social media for a year

How to Make a Living Writing Case Studies and White Papers (The Write Life)

ideas and instruction for aspiring business writers

Build an Impressive Resume (While Living Out Your Dreams) (Start It Up)

reflections on building a career as an early twenty-something

Magnifying the Massive Growth of B2B Marketplaces (G2)

a deep dive into the industry of B2B marketplaces

UX writing


Make your in-app copy more clear, concise, and human.

Website copy


Use customer language to improve conversions.

Lead magnets


Publish irresistible ebooks, whitepapers, and guides.

Two writers. Three specialties. 

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