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Become the leading voice in your industry. Partner with a LinkedIn ghostwriter

Publish in-depth articles, must-read stories, and insightful posts that fit your unique voice and brand. 

Meet your LinkedIn ghostwriter

I'm Alexander Lewis, a copywriter and ghostwriter working with tech companies and their executives.


Content is still king. And in the past few years, LinkedIn has become the #1 platform for building your B2B brand and personal following.


I'll help you publish high-quality LinkedIn posts that match your goals and desired publishing cadence.


Short-form LinkedIn posts


The key to building a following on LinkedIn is to publish quality posts on a regular basis. Now, you can leave the writing and planning to me.

Full-length articles


Some ideas are too in-depth for a short post. I'll work with you to craft well-researched articles that capture the breadth and nuance of your subject.

LinkedIn Content marketing strategy


Before you click publish,  take a step back. I'll create a content marketing strategy and calendar that helps you reach your goals.

Publish compelling ideas and engaging stories

Quality matters. Read some of my samples


Request a custom quote


Hire me to write your next post or article. Receive a custom quote via email.

Free 15-min consultation


Learn more about me and my writing process. Talk through campaign ideas and strategies.

Learn more about my LinkedIn ghostwriting services

"Alexander is one of the best SaaS contract writers my team has worked with.

He takes something as simple as an article title and runs it to the finish line, which allows me to spend less time worrying about providing detailed briefs, collateral, and backlinks. Cybersecurity is a challenging vertical to tackle filled with unique jargon and advanced technical concepts requiring consumer-friendly translations; Alexander rises to the occasion every time.


As an editor, what I find most noteworthy is that Alexander is very responsive to feedback. Be it brand nuances, style preferences, or a rare rewrite request, he accepts the notes he’s given and recalls them for future work. I’m very happy to be working with Alexander. He goes above and beyond to meet our deadlines and I would recommend him to any business investing in their marketing content.

- Crysta Timmerman, Brand Manager at NetProtect

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