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30+ Free Ways to Promote Your Blog Online

Popular blogs don't aimlessly stumble into their large readerships.

The websites and authors we love to follow have at least three core characteristics in common:

  1. These blogs maintain high quality over a long period of time. They are well written and carefully researched.

  2. They offer original content instead of rehashing the same ideas. We turn to these blogs because of their meaningful contributions to a larger conversation.

  3. The authors of these blogs understand who their ideal readers are and where to find them. They promote their content in a way that their blogs are easy to find and share within a specific community.

Many bloggers dread that last step.

Positioning your blogs in front of ideal readers means getting into blog promotion and distribution, which many writers interpret as being salesy or desperate for attention.

As a result, most online writers do the bare minimum to promote the articles they worked so hard to create.

And the saddest part is, their fear of being salesy is often completely unfounded.

Think about it: If you're already following the first two rules of great blogging — creating high-quality content and adding meaningful ideas to a larger conversation — then readers want you to promote your blog.

By promoting your blog, you make it easier for interested readers to connect with new ideas, stories, and research.

Tactics for promoting your blog

I recently started compiling some of my favorite free blog promotion tactics into an indefinitely-expanding Google Doc.

I've called it my Content Distribution Checklist.

Anyone who wants access to that growing list can subscribe to my email list for lifetime access to those ideas. (Yes, you'll retain access even if you unsubscribe.)

Ready to get your articles in front of new readers?

Sign up below. :)

Access 30+ blog promotion tactics

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Good article, useful and interesting, it's a real treasure for me, because I just started my blog and I need any information to make it better, for the technical part I have already bought a camera, lighting-for-streaming, a green screen and several microphones, which is pretty cool considering that I just started recently, and I'm a little bit behind in the theoretical part, but thanks to articles like yours, I will definitely be able to increase my level of knowledge and skills.

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