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I’m a freelance SaaS copywriter, business ghostwriter, and staff writer at Foundr. My ideas have been featured in The Startup, Home Business Magazine, and Thrive Global. (Not into bios? Here’s my resume.)


I took my first professional writing role in my early twenties as a volunteer blogger and copywriter for a nonprofit in Fort Myers, Florida. Around the same time, I began working at an event logistics startup. Our team put on tours and business conferences featuring Tony Robbins, Jordan Belfort, and many others. I've continued to freelance for events on-and-off for several years.

I jumped into full-time freelance copywriting in spring 2016.  Beginning as a generalist, I wrote across a wide range of subjects, but most of my clients centered around technology or real estate. For two years I was the weekly blogger for JB Goodwin Realtors. I wrote website copy, landing pages, and blogs for numerous early-stage startups. I periodically contributed as a journalist to trade magazines.


Sarabeth and I got married in August 2017. She immediately resigned from her day job, began freelancing, and we started traveling the world. Following 6 months of vagabonding and house sitting, we settled briefly in Fort Worth, where we helped launch the DFW chapter of Freelancers Union. We returned to Austin in October 2018.

Now we work from our home in South Austin. Oliver, our scruffy aussiedoodle puppy, keeps us company. Most of our copywriting clients are startups and SaaS companies. We’ve helped our ghostwriting clients appear in Forbes, High Rise Life Magazine, and other trade magazines and blogs. I’m actively looking for my first book ghostwriting project. Follow me on LinkedIn and Twitter.

I'm a freelance UX writer and SaaS copywriter. I use storytelling, content marketing, and my English-honors chops to help tech teams clarify their messaging. In other words: I translate bland and technical writing into playful and effective copy.


As I've moved into UX writing, I have increasingly focused on the product side of content design. I approach writing from both a design and functional standpoint. Microcopy should frictionlessly guide users to take action — and look great doing it.

I’d love to join your product team to bring your interface and navigational copy to life. (Die, lorem ipsum, die.)


My favorite projects have included producing: a 67-screen user journey for a bank in the Middle East, a Jenkins CI/CD ebook, a cryptocurrency white paper, a use case campaign for a small SaaS startup that doubled their users, and 3,500+ lines of in-app microcopy for a gamified language learning app. I also love getting my clients’ blogs upvoted to the front page of Hacker News.


I finished at the top of my class in the prestigious English Honors Program at the University of Texas at Austin, but I’ve been trying to simplify my writing ever since. Short sentences work. The internet needs more clear copy. I’m here to do just that. See my resume here.


Alexander and I live in Austin, Texas. He reads nonfiction and I read fiction, so I’d say we have a well-balanced diet. Hit us up — we’d love to hear from you.

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Lewis Commercial Writing is a full-service SaaS copywriting & UX writing duo providing B2B conversion copywriting based in Austin, Texas.