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SaaS Website Copywriting Template
  • SaaS Website Copywriting Template

    What's the most difficult way to write website copy? Start from a blank page.


    The easiest way is to start with a strong, easy-to-use template. In this copywriting template collection, you'll receive three things to help you get started:


    1. Persuasive Google Doc templates for the 5 most common SaaS pages (Home, Product, Solution, Pricing, and About)
    2. 10 copywriting tips to help you write more clearly and persuasively
    3. Links to some of my favorite copywriting examples for inspiration (or should I call it, "copy-spiration"?)


    Don't want to pay $1,000s to hire a copywriter to write your website? Grab this template to help you do the work yourself.


    This template collection was created by me, Alexander Lewis, a freelance SaaS copywriter. My clients include IPVanish, Deskera, Albato, DashThis, and AppSumo for 3+ years. This template is based on the real copywriting frameworks I use every week to write copy for top B2B websites. The only difference is that this template also includes straightforward instructions to help you get the most out of every word you write.


    One of the main benefits of using this template is that you'll write in a format that is ready to hand off to your web designers. (Keep your designers happy, people!)


    So, are you ready to write copy that gets customers excited to buy your product?


    Download the SaaS website copywriting templates now.

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