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My Best Hack (So Far) for Getting Traction on Quora: Spaces

Updated: May 1, 2020

Last week I shared my experience getting an answer featured in Quora Digest. If you missed that one, you can read it here. (Spoiler alert: My Quora answer was emailed to over 100,000 people!)

As promised, this week I wanted to tell you about the Quora tactic I’ve been using to garner the most consistent, predictable views, upvotes, and blog traffic. 

I’ve honestly been surprised by the impact of this tactic. It’s extremely simple to implement, yet seems relatively underutilized. 

The secret tactic? Quora Spaces.

What are Quora Spaces?

Quora Spaces launched late last year. They are Quora’s equivalent to Facebook or LinkedIn Groups, something akin to a subreddit. Basically, members can follow topic-specific Spaces to get notified when something new is published or shared. 

But unlike many LinkedIn groups, which can be spammy because everyone posts and nobody reads, followers of Quora Spaces tend to be more curious and involved.

I believe most of that involvement is thanks to the content curation process. Every Space has at least one curator — someone to accept or turn down links and posts before they’re published to the entire following. 

Quality is key

The curation process weeds out most of the low-quality links and posts. If something looks spammy, most curators will not push those articles through.

If you want to use Spaces to drive traffic to your article, you’re going to have to start by writing a killer piece. 

The numbers

Since I began experimenting with Quora, my posts have been accepted and published 6 times in various Spaces. 

The least-impressive results came from two posts I published respectively in Spaces with less than 1K followers. One post received only ~35 views. The other only received ~45 views. Both posts had 0 upvotes, 0 comments, and 0 shares. 

An article I shared in a 4,100-person space was upvoted 5 times, received 1 comment, and has so far received 260+ views. Another post in a Space also containing 4,100 followers was viewed 1,400 times and received 1 upvote. 

My best two shares occured in the same Space. This Space contains 35K+ followers (Wowza!). 

One article received 14 upvotes, 840+ views, and 1 reshare. 

And my best article — drumroll, please — received a smashing 8,600+ views, 17 upvotes, and 3 reshares.

Cool, right?

What it all means

What did I learn? 

When it comes to Quora Spaces, the magic is in large numbers. If you find relevant Spaces with at least 5-10K followers, then you have a primo content distribution opportunity on your hands.

The key is to write a high quality post, find a relevant Space with a large following, and just share the URL with an attention-stealing caption. That’s it. 

If the curator thinks it’s a good post for the group, they’ll push it through. Then, just sit back and watch people interact with your post.

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