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The Ultimate Competitive Edge: Your Reputation

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Time is the friend of good writers.

This week, I received three passive leads from three different places:

  • A guest article I wrote two years ago

  • SEO from a landing page I made last year

  • A referral from someone I helped get started as a freelancer years ago

On their own, each one of these inquiries sounds like a chance encounter. There's nothing predictable about them. Call it serendipity.

But it's not chance or luck or even unpredictable, in the broad sense. This is how my business has operated for years.

With enough time, seemingly "chance" encounters prove nonrandom.

I do effectively no cold outreach. I don't have a strict publishing schedule. I run zero ads.

My marketing strategy is to write quality articles for myself when I have something interesting to say and to do great work for clients.

This points to one of the simplest and most underrated truths about building any service business. Over the long term, if you are reliable and publish quality work, then you will become a magnet for good opportunities.

Opportunity is the natural outcome of fostering a good reputation.


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