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3 SaaS Blog Distribution Tactics Most of Your Competitors Aren’t Using

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Everybody loves some peace and quiet.

Unless, of course, that silence takes place on your blog.

Before you crush your spacebar with your forehead and bemoan the fact that no one is reading your great ideas, consider trying some of these unconventional SaaS blog distribution tactics.

One of these may be the nudge you need to finally achieve a little traction:

1. Manual distribution

Seth Godin famously suggests that when you create something new, you should try to sell it directly to 10 people:

“Find ten people. Ten people who trust you… If they love [your product], they’ll each find you ten more people (or a hundred or a thousand or, perhaps, just three).”

The same practice can apply to promoting your blog.

Think of 10 people who could clearly benefit from the advice in your most recent blog post.

Direct message or email your blog to them.

Don’t give them a call to action or instructions about what they must do with your article. Simply tell each reader that you knew they were interested in the subject and that you wanted to personally make sure they saw the post.

If your article resonates with some of all your chosen readers, the ideas and content will spread organically, as Godin proposed.

What happens next is a complete mystery.

The readers may share it across their social feeds or quote you in their next article. Maybe they’ll even direct message it to some of their friends, continuing the personal trend you started.

The key is to write an article so good and so helpful to this core group of readers that each of them becomes natural evangelists, spreading the news about your writing and ideas.

2. Use Chrome extensions for fast distribution

As the previous point subtly alludes, a lot of blog distribution comes down to slow, personalized manual effort.

Fortunately, you can still find some shortcuts. One such shortcut comes in the form of Chrome extensions that help you quickly broadcast your latest post to a wider audience.

Here are two such extensions:


Zest is a popular blog curation network for startups, agencies, and digital marketers. Chosen curators vet hundreds of topical articles to find high-quality articles they can pass along to their qualified readership.

The best part is, anyone can submit potential blogs for curators to consider. That includes you.

Submit your most recent blog using this Chrome Extension. You can literally do this without ever leaving your website.

Hacker News

I probably don’t need to tell you about Hacker News.

But for the two readers who don’t know, Hacker News is an organic upvoting content platform for techies.

Thousands of articles get submitted to the site every day. The most popular ones get voted to the front page, sometimes driving thousands of readers to the original publisher's website.

Next time you want to post your article to Hacker News, just submit the article using this simple bookmark.

Post your article in just two quick clicks, starting from your blog page.

3. Anchor evergreen blogs to company profiles

How many online company profiles have you created for your business?

From Facebook to LinkedIn, AngelList to Google My Business — many SaaS businesses create dozens of individual business profiles across the web to make sure their product and brand are discoverable on every site possible.

The thing to remember is, each of these websites is catered to a slightly different audience. Next time you edit one of these profiles, remember that you can create unique messaging to match each platform.

For example, most businesses just link their homepage, give the same quick company bio, and click publish.

Instead of doing the exact same thing, make your profile more engaging by linking evergreen articles that are catered to people browsing and using that platform.

Similar alternatives: Add “read more” sections to an FAQ page. Readers looking for in-depth answers can read the article you published on the subject. Similarly, if you have an AI-powered chatbot, you may be able to answer common user questions using your evergreen blog posts.

What unusual tactics have you used to drive traffic to your SaaS blog? Let us know in the comments!

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