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Nothing is too technical to sell

Turn website visitors into happy customers. It all starts with a clear message.

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What does it take to outperform?

B2B companies in fields like SaaS, cybersecurity, and blockchain are known for being technical, sophisticated, and (dare I say) boring.

That's good news for you.

Because buried beneath every industry cliché is also an opportunity to be different. With a little creativity and the right approach, your company can stand apart.

Getting the attention of your customers today means speaking their language. It means telling stories they can't put down. You must appeal to them on an emotional and practical level with copy that's clear, confident, and persuasive.

That's where I come in. 

Less jargon. More conversions. 

You've built a great product.
Time to get the word out.

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Meet your marketer

I'm Alexander Lewis, a freelance copywriter and B2B marketing consultant.

Creating an effective message is not about clever word choices. It's about communicating a memorable idea or story that resonates with your target customer.


For the last seven years, I've used my passion for storytelling to help some of the most technical brands in the world sell more products.

What projects do you have on the horizon?

Working with B2B tech brands

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Partner with an expert B2B copywriter for
your next campaign or website revamp

Bold ideas, told clearly

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"If you are looking for an expert content strategist and highly efficient executor then you should hire Alex."

- Mark Newton, CEO at Vatix

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Master the art of persuasive copywriting 

Grab my guide, 11 Copywriting Secrets You Can't Afford to Miss.

11 Copywriting Secrets You Can't Afford to Miss _ Discover products. Stay weird. - AppSumo

"Alex does such a phenomenal job bringing ideas to life in the SaaS space. On top of that, he's always a champ when it comes to accepting and implementing feedback in the name of perfecting our content. He's an excellent writer, communicator, and collaborator, and we're so lucky to work with him."


- Max Lin, Director of Content Marketing at AppSumo

What could you accomplish with the right message?

"Alexander is one of the best SaaS contract writers my team has worked with.

He takes something as simple as an article title and runs it to the finish line, which allows me to spend less time worrying about providing detailed briefs, collateral, and backlinks. Cybersecurity is a challenging vertical to tackle filled with unique jargon and advanced technical concepts requiring consumer-friendly translations; Alexander rises to the occasion every time.


As an editor, what I find most noteworthy is that Alexander is very responsive to feedback. Be it brand nuances, style preferences, or a rare rewrite request, he accepts the notes he’s given and recalls them for future work. I’m very happy to be working with Alexander. He goes above and beyond to meet our deadlines and I would recommend him to any business investing in their marketing content.

Crysta Timmerman, Brand Manager at NetProtect

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