When you need your messaging to work as well as your product, 

we're your best-kept secret.

Trusted by dozens of SaaS and B2B ecommerce brands


most SaaS marketing teams face


✕  Not resonating with your target audience

✕  Lack of brand cohesion, too technical

✕  High website bounce rate; high CAC


✕  Boring your users

✕  Failing to educate users

✕ Missing opportunities to upsell or cross-sell


(and taking over the world)

✕  Missing growth targets

✕  Falling behind the competition

✕  Needing to expand your runway

Whew, that's a lot.

Fortunately, that's where we come in. 

We partner with SaaS teams to clarify voice & tone, multiply leads, and convert more of your ideal customers—so you hit the numbers you need to scale.

Hi! We're Alex & Sarabeth 

Conversion-focused SaaS copywriter &

UX writer based in Austin, Texas

(That's us!)

UX  writer

SaaS copywriter

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What our clients say:

"Good news: You're amazing and everyone knows it. Both of y'all are so communicative and thoughtful, and it's just been a really nice experienceThank you so much — I feel like I struck gold hiring y'all."

-Ilona Abramova, Head of Content at AppSumo

How can we work together?


Make it easy for site visitors to take the action that you want them to take.


Refine your SaaS brand voice & tone—and take control of your narrative.

Clarify your brand voice

UX writing

Develop a  style guide and refine your in-app microcopy to foster consistency across your entire brand and product.

Convert website visitors

Website copy

Replace jargon with narrative-driven conversion web copy using real customer language to convert your target audience. 

Most popular


We handle the whole lead magnet campaign, from strategy to creation.

Get more qualified leads

White papers, ebooks, case studies

From research to promo copy, downloadables help you add value and capture more leads with longform freebie content.

"Working with Sarabeth on our brand book and website content was an absolute dream. Her inquisitive, researched, and holistic approach resulted in nothing but lovable, action-driven copy. Can’t wait to watch the leads roll in!"

-Myra Goldie, Chief Marketing Officer, Supernova.io (YC Alum W19)

Why work with a SaaS copywriter?

With Alex & Sarabeth

Consult conversion- and UX-trained SaaS copywriters

Use real customer language to bypass industry jargon

Get an outside perspective (with experience writing for dozens of top SaaS companies)

Apply proven conversion formulas that have been used to multiply leads and sales

Partner with writers who blend creativity with real business prowess






Without us

✖ Settle for mediocre web copy often written      with an untrained eye

✖ Redesign your website visually without re-optimizing copy for conversions

✖ Miss easy opportunities for conversions

✖ Take away precious time from full-time employees who have more important jobs to do


Level up your writing in just 3 minutes every week

✓ Find more readers

✓ Improve your writing

✓ Earn $$$ freelancing

Spread your ideas online

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"We tried our best to write copy for our homepage, but we weren’t seeing conversions. After working with Sarabeth and Alex, we noticed an immediate difference. Customers are lingering on our site longer and downloading our app.


It’s evident that Sarabeth and Alex know what they are doing. We now point potential customers to a website that converts and have stopped wasting time explaining our original copy. It’s been a game changer!"

-Courtney Werner, Co-Founder & Director of Marketing at KOYA 

Let's do this.
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Lewis Commercial Writing is a full-service SaaS copywriting & UX writing duo providing B2B conversion copywriting based in Austin, Texas.